Welcome To Our Practice

Welcome To Our Practice

Guided by our core values at Midwifery at Rose, our midwifery services are rooted in compassionate, evidence-based care! Our certified nurse-midwives focus on support and education while providing expert women’s health care to women in the greater Denver area. We provide a full spectrum of choices for pregnancies. We are trained and prepared to support unmedicated physiologic birth as well as planned and unplanned surgical birth. 


Our Care Model

Our collaborative care methods allow us to provide for women with high-risk pregnancies, whereas other midwifery groups may have to transfer patients out of their practice. Our midwives also first assist with our physician colleagues during C-sections.

We also support families through our partnership with the Planned Parenthood Prenatal Plus Program, which offers education and resources for clients and their families in other areas of health including nutrition and mental health. 

Our clients enjoy the best of both worlds: holistic women’s health care with the peace of mind offered by full-scope women’s care. And our services do not stop with pregnancy and birth: we also partner with women throughout their lifetimes to provide well-woman care.

Making it Simple

Health Care Services

Every patient we serve has a unique story. No matter your age or background, we want to honor your story by offering health care services that care for you as a whole person. Whether you come to us in need of labor and delivery services, confidential STI services or routine exams, our certified and dedicated midwives are committed to giving you the holistic care you deserve. To provide that holistic care, we offer labor and delivery services in addition to general women’s health care services.

Labor and Delivery Services

As a midwifery clinic, we are here for you if you are looking for labor and delivery services in Denver, Colorado, or the surrounding area. Choosing a certified midwife to assist with your labor and delivery can provide numerous benefits. Midwife-assisted births have been linked to lower cesarean and preterm births, as well as improved maternal and newborn outcomes. With that in mind, we proudly provide the following labor and delivery services at Midwifery at Rose:
  • Prenatal care including delivery and postpartum services
  • Care during low- and high-risk pregnancy 
  • Delivery, including first assist with planned and unplanned Cesarean section
  • Trial of labor after Cesarean (TOLAC)/ Vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC)
  • In office ultrasound
  • Genetic screening
  • Pregnancy-related medical disorder follow-up

Women’s Health Care

Women’s health care needs extend beyond pregnancy and childbirth. Your body is an intricate wonder and so are you! To reflect the nuances of your needs, women’s health care services should be multifaceted and diverse. We are proud to offer a broad range of women’s health care services at Midwifery at Rose.

With the following services, we aim to serve you no matter what stage of life you are journeying on:

  • Women’s annual exams
  • Family planning and contraception including:
    • IUD insertion
    • Nexplanon insertion
    • Natural family planning
    • Hormonal contraception
    • Preconception Care
  • Cancer screening and mammography
  • Sexually transmitted infections screening and counseling
  • Immunizations

Delivering Excellence

Women's Health and Family Planning

We are here to be your partner in your health care needs. Our midwives can support and guide your well-woman care, including annual exams and other gynecological services. Regular checkups and screenings play an important role in preventing breast, cervical, ovarian and uterine cancer. They can also lead to better overall wellness.


What Women Want...

Women want health care providers who are skilled professionals, yet personally supportive. You want sensitive, evidence-based care to be the standard, not the exception. We can assist you with your family planning needs, whether that is determining the best birth control option for you or providing preconception counseling and care.

Benefits of Choosing Midwifery Services in Denver

Midwives provide expecting women a safe and compassionate experience. Certified midwives offer delivery services in a safe environment dedicated to serving your emotional and physical needs as you give birth to a new life. They are trained to manage high-risk pregnancies and have an OB-GYN on-call should serious complications arise.

With the compassionate and personalized one-on-one care that midwives provide in mind, here are some benefits of choosing midwifery services for your pregnancy:

However, the benefits of midwifery services can apply to you whether you are years removed from the thought of giving birth, still in family planning mode or somewhere in between.

The Very Best

Pregnancy and Midwifery Services in Denver

Pregnancy is a normal and profound life event affecting all aspects of a woman’s being. Every woman’s journey and circumstances of pregnancy and birth are unique and deserve care that considers her special needs. Our team has delivered more than 5,000 babies since 1994 and works closely with each family to provide an ideal birth experience.

We Invite You To Join Our Family

Whether you are planning to grow your own family or you need specialized gynecological care, our team at Midwifery at Rose is here to see you through all of life’s milestones and transitions.

nurse with mask and face shield

Updated Policy

If you are fully vaccinated masking is optional in our offices; if you have not been vaccinated masking for your protection is strongly encouraged. This is subject to change as COVID levels fluctuate in our community

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