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The Women’s Health Group and Rose Medical Center are pleased to announce a partnership to continue delivering midwifery care for patients on the Rose campus.

“The Women’s Health Group has a decades-long history of partnering with certified nurse-midwives giving outstanding care in Thornton and North Denver. We are proud to work with the staff and midwives at Midwifery at Rose to continue a tradition of care which has also been decades in the making, says Stephen M Volin M.D., Founder & Partner Provider at The Woman’s Health Group. Collaboration between physicians and midwives is nothing new; and together, we plan to deliver the best available care and choice to the patients who use Rose Hospital as their facility of choice for obstetrics and gynecological services”

The Women’s Health Group, founded by Stephen M. Volin M.D. in 1992, specializes in all aspects of care for women including low and high-risk obstetrics, routine gynecological annual care, complex pelvic pain, minimally invasive surgery, recurrent infection, abnormal bleeding, urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, bio-identical hormonal treatment, vaginal rejuvenation, and sexual health.

We are affiliated with Rose, Aurora Regional, North Suburban, Good Samaritan, and PS/L Hospital.

There has been no gap in care for any Rose Midwifery patient, and during the development of this partnership, dedicated staff at Rose helped transition obstetric care for patients, starting with those delivering in January and February. All patients were notified about practice developments.

The Women’s Health Group has worked diligently in conjunction with the Rose Babies team to ensure a seamless transition and experience for existing and new patients.

The Women’s Health Group is also pleased to announce the partnership and merging of business with Mile High OB/GYN. We are pleased to partner with both Mile High OB/GYN and Midwifery at Rose. Like us, they share a commitment to patient care and have a long and rich history in the community of serving the needs of thousands and delivering babies for over 60 years.

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Updated Policy

If you are fully vaccinated masking is optional in our offices; if you have not been vaccinated masking for your protection is strongly encouraged. This is subject to change as COVID levels fluctuate in our community

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