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If you need obstetric services in Denver, Midwifery at Rose is here to help. Along with our midwifery services, we offer obstetric services to help women care for their reproductive health. 

Midwives vs. OB-GYN

Both midwifery and OB-GYN services focus on women’s health, whether or not they become pregnant. While midwives and OB-GYNs offer similar services, there are differences between the two practices. 

Midwives and OB-GYNs can administer gynecological services, such as annual wellness exams, cancer screenings, sexually transmitted disease screenings and family planning care. They also focus on pregnancy care to ensure pregnant individuals stay safe and healthy during pregnancy and postpartum.

While both health care professionals want the best for their patients, each practice has a different approach to the philosophy behind health care. Midwifery values natural and holistic health practices, while OB-GYNs value medical practices. Midwives typically encourage natural ways to handle labor pains and birth. OB-GYNs are more likely to recommend taking pain medications whenever you need them. OB-GYNs may also use medical intervention techniques to induce labor.

OB-GYNs and midwives also have different educational backgrounds and credentials. OB-GYNs are medical doctors with surgical training, so they can perform C-sections and work on high-risk pregnancies. OB-GYNs must go through four years of medical school, a four-year residency and a three-year fellowship. 

Midwives also have extensive training and meet various requirements before being able to act as a midwife. The most common type of midwife is a certified nurse-midwife. These professionals are registered nurses before becoming midwives. There are also midwives without nurse training. This type of midwife is certified by the official midwifery boards. 

Can I Have a Midwife and OB-GYN?

When you’re pregnant, you can have both a midwife and OB-GYN. Often, midwives collaborate with OB-GYNs to provide the best health care possible for pregnant individuals. Your midwife can help you learn prenatal and postnatal care, and take care of you in the postpartum period. 

If you also have an OB-GYN, you can receive medical advice and medical intervention if needed. Having both a midwife and OB-GYN can benefit your pregnancy and childbirth by ensuring you have access to all the resources you need.

OB-GYN Services at Midwifery at Rose

If you need OB-GYN services in Denver, Midwifery at Rose can serve you. We can help you during routine exams and pregnancy. Learn more about our services and obstetric practices or schedule an appointment today!

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