Natural Birth

Natural Birth

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The way you give birth can influence your connection to a beautiful moment. Some choose to use medication during labor and delivery, while others may opt for a natural birth. 

What Is a Natural Birth?

Natural birth is when the birthing person undergoes vaginal delivery without medical interventions or medication. Many individuals who give birth choose a natural birth to encourage a stronger connection with their bodies or because they want to avoid potential side effects from medication. Labor and delivery is a special and meaningful event, whether you choose a natural or medicated birth.


Natural Birth vs. Medicated Birth

Why choose a natural birth over a medicated birth? Unmedicated hospital births provide a different birth experience than births that involve medication. Medication can relieve labor pain and change the birthing experience for the individual in labor. 

Natural births allow you to fully experience the birthing process without medications, which may slow down the labor process. In natural birth, your body produces endorphins, which naturally help decrease pain perception.

Epidurals numb your body from the waist down, limiting mobility during your labor and after delivery. When you have a natural birth, you can freely move around to get into a position that feels best for you during childbirth. You can also walk around after delivery, use the bathroom by yourself and hold your baby comfortably. Those who choose to forgo medication may also remember their birthing experience better and feel a deeper connection with their baby.

Natural Pain Management

While you experience natural birth, you can try different ways to relieve pain without using medication. Many individuals use hydrotherapy or aromatherapy to alleviate pain through labor. 

Holistic methods to combat labor and delivery pain can allow you to be more present throughout the process. You can prepare for natural childbirth by making a birth plan with your doctor or midwife, educating yourself about the experience, preparing mentally and learning about other natural pain management techniques.

Plan Your Birth With Midwifery at Rose

You can experience a natural baby birth with the help of Midwifery at Rose. Our certified nurse-midwives can help you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum stages. 

Start planning your natural birth today and reach out to us with any questions you may have about childbirth. We can help you make the decision that’s best for you and your baby’s health.

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