C-Section Services

C-Section Services

In Denver

Cesarean sections, or C-sections, are a surgical way to give birth as an alternative to birthing through the vaginal opening. The surgery consists of incisions in the birthing parent’s uterus and abdominal wall to remove the baby. Many birthing parents have C-sections to protect the safety of the parent or baby. 

If you need a C-section, whether an emergency or non-emergency, an obstetrician or family physician will perform the procedure. While licensed physicians must perform C-sections, midwives can assist doctors during the process.

What Is the Midwife’s Role in a Cesarean Section?

Midwife-assisted C-sections can offer enhanced support and guidance for the mother. 

Your midwife will inform you of what you need to do the day of the surgery, including:

  • When you should get to the hospital: Usually, you will need to arrive earlier than your scheduled surgery to prepare, complete paperwork and consult with your midwife and doctor.
  • When to stop eating and drinking: You’ll have to stop eating and drinking at least six to eight hours before your scheduled C-section. Your midwife will tell you when you need to fast to prepare for surgery and which daily medications you can still take.
  • How your partner can participate: Your partner can still participate in the birthing experience during C-sections. Your doctor and midwife will tell you how your partner can be in the operation room with you.
  • What to pack: If an emergency operation occurs on the day of your C-section, your surgery may happen later in the day. Your midwife might suggest bringing some books, headphones or other things to pass the time.

During your C-section, your midwife’s training allows her to assist your doctor during delivery. While they work on bringing your baby to the world, your midwife can also provide comfort and reassurance to you and your partner throughout the procedure.

Midwifery at Rose C-Sections

At Midwifery at Rose, we can perform C-sections in-house, so patients can stay in our facility. Our midwives assist our physicians during the procedure, so you can have someone you trust help bring your baby into the world. 

Get in touch with us to discuss any questions you may have about C-section procedures. We can set you up with a midwife to address your concerns and answer your questions.

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