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Breastfeeding is an essential way to give babies the nutrients they need to grow and stay healthy. If you are a new parent or haven’t breastfed in a while, getting assistance with breastfeeding can ease your concerns and instill confidence. 

Midwives are excellent people to turn to when you want to learn more about breastfeeding. Midwives can also help you when it’s time to feed for the first time.

What Is a Midwife’s Role in Breastfeeding?

Midwives can inform you and guide you through breastfeeding as they assist you during pregnancy and postnatal care. As your midwife, they will provide you with ongoing breastfeeding education and support. 

Some of the breastfeeding details you can learn from midwives include:

  • Latching: When it’s time to feed your newborn for the first time, your midwife can guide you through getting your baby to latch properly. Some babies may take a few tries before they latch successfully. Your midwife will support you through the trial period and suggest other ways you can try to get your baby to latch.
  • Positioning: Both the parent and baby’s comfort is crucial during breastfeeding. Your baby needs to be in a position where it can easily access your breast to have milk. You’ll hold your baby closely many times throughout the day, so finding the best position will benefit you and your baby during feeding time.
  • Pumping: Many women who breastfeed also pump their milk to put in bottles. Pumping is an efficient way to retrieve breast milk when the baby isn’t feeding. You can make bottles and store them so your partner or another family member can feed the baby when you need a break or are unavailable.
  • Feeding schedule: Your baby will need to feed several times a day. Your midwife can help you figure out a feeding schedule that works for your daily activities. They will also give you advice on how to notice when your baby is hungry.
  • Bonding: Midwives will encourage skin-to-skin contact when your baby is born after the necessary tests are complete. Bonding with your baby encourages breastfeeding. Your baby can feel more comfortable feeding when they are in familiar arms.

Schedule an Appointment With Midwifery at Rose

Midwives at Midwifery at Rose can teach you more about breastfeeding and guide you through your first time. Connect with us online to ask any questions about breastfeeding or schedule an appointment to speak with a midwife.

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